F1 (first filial hybrid), 2023, Heating coil, painted deer antler (shed), faux fur, stone, metal hardware, polyurethane foam, 100 x 70 x 25 cm

Whip palm, 2023, Natural rubber, metal hardware, polyamide sports rope, Variable dimensions

Naturezas porcas #7, 2017, Inkjet printing on 100% cotton Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper mounted on dibond – 1/3, 100 x 75 cm

Ameaça, 2021, Painted copper serpentine, stainless steel hardware, 47 x 52 x 43 cm (aprox.)

PET (low maintenance), 2021, Opuntia xylem, acrylic resin, acrylic paint, painted copper pipe, stainless steel hardware, 87 x 53 x 30 cm (aprox.)

Coral (Bicho-luxo) | Píton (Bicho-luxo), 2021, Painted copper serpentine, nautical cable in dyneema

Daninha (Bicho-lixo), 2021, Painted copper pipe, Opuntia xylem, acrylic resin, acrylic paint, hardware, 82 x 55 x 18 cm (aprox.)

Alien species, 2021, Natural rubber, painted copper pipe, 74 x 53 x 37 cm (aprox.)

Unprecedented times creatures (anthopause), 2020, Ammunition belt, cosmetic sponge, polypropylene rope, fiber-optic cable, bone and rubber, Variable dimensions

Resilientes / Resilient, 2020, Rubber, polypropylene rope, and fan, Variable dimensions

Beatable, 2020, Rubber and polypropylene rope, Variable dimensions